Thursday, October 3, 2013

Carlisle Launches 2nd Annual Technician Survey

On September 16, Carlisle launched the second annual Automotive Technician Survey, with the support of 18 automotive OEMs across the U.S. The inaugural Technician Survey (September 2012) was wildly successful, with over 11,000 technicians responding. The 2012 survey was our first attempt to better understand what makes technicians tick, and therefore focused primarily on demographics – what kind of background do technicians come from, why do they choose to become technicians, and what are the primary issues that impact their retention?

With the launch of the 2013 edition of this survey, we have modified the questions to focus on how to better enable technicians to deliver efficient, quality repairs. Specifically, we are addressing topics such as training, technical support, tools and diagnostic equipment, technician-service advisor communications, etc. In addition, we delve into the latest service lane technology to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Similar to last year, the technicians broadly support this survey. Just one week into the survey, we have received over 4,000 responses, with hundreds of compliments similar to those found below. The survey will remain open for three more weeks. Stay tuned for the results.
  • I appreciate this survey, it is long and thorough … I think no other attempt made to at least give the appearance that we matter (not just are required) has made more of an improvement in morale than this survey. Thank you very much, I think the improvements made year over year have been great.
  • Best survey I've done as a XX employee. Maybe it will open somebody's eyes.
  • I feel that this survey was much more detailed and comprehensive than last year. It is also warming to know that XX really does seem to care about the satisfaction that we as technicians do have, and what they can change. Thanks to you.
  • Good survey. Seems like someone is listening.
  • I liked this survey because it is the first one I have ever done that actually seemed to want to know my opinion as a technician of 28 years.
  • I am very happy to finally be able to voice my concerns!
  • I like it, hope it gets used to make needed changes to support the product, personnel and customers.
  • A little long but required to obtain useful info.
  • A survey like this should be done every six months or so...
  • All good and thanks for asking!!
  • Survey is fantastic, I feel it targeted a lot of important topics and I hope this feedback helps.
  • Depending on the number of technicians in the dealership, please have the managers see this just with no tech numbers etc.
  • Detailed, without being lengthy.
  • Excellent survey.
  • Finally a survey that we can actually comment.
  • Fine, good pertinent questions.
  • Format was good easy to understand.
  • Format was quick and easy. Thanks.
  • Glad to be able to take this survey and hopeful it can help me or others in this position.
  • Good survey covers all that happens in the work place.
  • Good survey. Needs to happen more often.
  • Great questions and the length was right on.
  • Great survey and thank you!
  • Great survey! Thank you for taking the time to listen to the technicians!
  • Hope some of this will actually be recorded and used to promote a positive working environment for all of us involved.
  • I am very glad to have the chance to take this survey.
  • I appreciate XX taking the time to see how employees feel.
  • I enjoyed this survey, and wouldn't mind taking more.
  • I feel it was a good survey overall.
  • I am glad that someone wants to hear my side of what it's like fixing cars at a dealership.
  • I like the survey! It should be put out annually.
  • Made me feel like XX cares a little about technicians.
  • Overall a 9 of 10. Should be available to all service personnel.

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