Friday, February 22, 2013

Blog Review: Our Readers’ Favorite Articles from 2012

TV shows and magazines often run stories like “highlights of 2012”. We reminisce about the London Olympics hype from last summer and recall catastrophic moments from super storm Sandy. “Tech-geeks” may ponder Facebook going public or Dell going private. Others still cheer the rover Curiosity’s successful landing on Mars. And of course, there is still plenty of coverage on the great election of 2012.

Well, Carlisle & Company could equally run a piece on its 2012 highlights, and our blog captured most of them. So let’s get the top stories from 2012. Last year we posted 48 blogs, with topics as specific as “diesel particulate filters” or “grey markets and counterfeits”. Some blogs included studies on collaborative opportunities, whereas others were in-depth analyses of warehouse operations or new technologies. Here is the breakdown of the 2012 Spare Thoughts blog posts by topic:

Nearly half of our blog topics related to market research or consumer surveys – and our readers loved them. Here we shared insights from our research or consulting projects. On top of the 2012 North America Parts Benchmark in Chicago being a huge success, a large segment of posts concerned our company’s benchmarking practice. Another large category was blogs with “MyGuy”-related insights. (I highly recommend that you read our latest one, “ Is Coming” from November 29, 2012, or visit the MyGuy website at

The number of visits to our blogs proves that our audience is interested and keeps coming back for more. While we don’t have YouTube’s 26 million daily visits or the viewings of Beyonce’s Superbowl show, our visitors certainly seem to get more useful information. Our subscribers are a surprisingly diverse group, ranging from top OEM managers to parcel company representatives.

So what are the Spare Thoughts blog highlights from 2012? Some may pick “MyGuy”, while benchmark participants support NAPB-based topics. Heavy Equipment subscribers may find information on diesel particulate filters fascinating, and, of course, the automotive group votes for the post on batteries. The point is that each blog contains nuggets of insight on what is happening throughout the industry and to our customers.

So here are the Carlisle Top-10 Spare Thoughts blog posts from 2012, ranked by the average number of daily unique visits within the first week of posting. Whether you are new to the Carlisle blog or a long-time subscriber this is the list of posts to read first.

Rank Date of 2012
Blog Post
Blog Post Title
1 March 21 Can Longer Warranties Sell Parts?
2 June 20 NAPB – Warehouse Technology Panel Wrap-up
3 June 15 Customer Retention Modalities in the Motor Vehicle Industry
4 July 18 Our World Has Changed; People Are Not Illiterate, They Just Process Information Differently. Maybe Better.
5 November 29 Is Coming
6 June 8 What’s the Value of Telematics Today and Tomorrow?
7 September 13 MyGuy Customer Retention Practices – Hey, I Know That Stuff Already And I Am Not The Stereotypical OEM! I Can Prove It
8 January 16 What Good Is the J.D. Power IQS for Picking Out a Good Car?
9 October 18 YourMechanic Wants to Kill Your Service Business (And Other Observations from the 5th Digital Summit)
10 February 9 Something to Think About – Trivia from the 2012 Consumer Sentiment Survey

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