Friday, September 9, 2011

Carlisle Launches a New “Technician Feedback Survey”

While Carlisle has long been conducting industry-syndicated surveys focused on Parts Managers, Service Managers, and Sales Managers, the Technician has, for too long, been ignored. That came to an end this week, as Carlisle launched the pilot version of its new Technician Feedback Survey.

This survey – while focused predominately on better understanding the factors impacting technician retention – also delves into other issues critical to technician satisfaction. These include such areas as training, rewards/recognition programs, job motivations, career paths, etc.

At just 2.5 days into the launch, this survey is clearly a wild success. With only 6 OEMs participating in the pilot, we have already received over 2,500 responses. Based on comments from the respondents, this survey is long overdue:
  • I really like that you are doing this survey. It gives me a place to give my opinion and insights on how [OEM] is doing.
  • 35 years and this is the first time they ask what I thought
  • It was short/to the point, shows commitment to the technician
  • Thanks for asking the rank and file guys!!
  • Very nice to see the company actually interested in the people making it a great company
  • I think it is great that you are giving us at the dealership level an opportunity to provide input
  • This Survey is a wonderful idea and I’m happy to share my thoughts
  • I’m just happy that someone is even interested in my opinion as a tech - good job [OEM]
  • I really appreciate the opportunity to voice my comments and concerns…
  • It is nice to see [OEM] finally asking the technician for their input.
  • Good survey!! Helps me vent my issues, management won’t listen without firing me.
  • I like the fact I have been given the opportunity to be heard and would like to see more surveys like this one
  • Any time someone cares enough to ask what we think as techs is appreciated.
Initial results from the survey will be reviewed at the upcoming Automotive Roundtable in October. Following that meeting, we will begin discussions regarding a full industry roll-out for 2012.

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