Thursday, August 25, 2011

Repair Pal Pals – Superstars of the Independent Aftermarket

First off, I’ve got to give AutoMD a compliment. They really don’t try much to hide that they are owned by US Auto Parts. They are a wolf in a wolf’s clothing, and savvy EDSCs see this … and move on to Google and Yelp for help.
RepairPal is different. They are wolves in sheep’s clothes. Mort Schwartz is on their advisory board – he’s on WorldPac’s board of directors, too. Mort’s a consultant to Genuine Parts, headed up Strauss Discount Auto, and been a Svengali to the independent aftermarket for decades. He’s got his own company – Schwartz Advisors, where Rick Keister is an affiliate. Rick ran Keystone Automotive and Delco Remy’s aftermarket businesses.

Rick is a RepairPal investor too.


My mother told me that I’d always be judged by who I hang out with.

Bottom line: RepairPal is an AutoMD wannabe – an extension of the independent aftermarket that makes its money from selling non-genuine parts and service. Hey, there are lots of companies like this out there. They certainly aren’t objective sources of automotive service and repair information. They need to come out of the closet.

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