Monday, April 18, 2011

Top Service Customer Needs – Lots of Disconnects

About one week ago we asked blog readers to rank a bunch of service customer needs. The chart below has the results of this exercise. Top reader needs start with fixed right the first time (FRFT) and end with comfortable waiting rooms. The green bars show how actual survey customers ranked their needs. The green stars show a ranking of where service customers thought dealers were best vs. chains and IRFs. So, we have some serious disconnects.
  • Our intuitively ranked top service customers needs slop all over the top half of surveyed customer needs.
  • Perceived dealer strengths don’t line up all that well with real customer needs.
Bottom Line:  Do we spend hundreds of millions of dollars based on our gut feeling about what customers want? Do we spend it on things that are not all that important, but easy to do, easy to understand, and easy to get dealers to tow the line on? Dealer strengths and weaknesses are largely about perception. Do we not spend enough time and money on changing faulty perceptions and dispelling rumor? We will be talking about all this, a lot, in Denver in a couple of weeks.

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