Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why I Love Quicklane at My Dealer … And, Why You Should Love It, Too

The Digital Summit is next week in Cleveland. Our Digital Owner survey is in and we had around 9,000 survey submissions – we did most of our analysis on 3,000 participants who were Owner Center savvy and/or internet savvy. One thing we focused on was repurchase intent: vehicle and service repurchase intent. A key theory we’ve had for quite awhile has been that the first point of customer defection is routine oil and filter replacement. If a dealer cannot do this quickly, efficiently, and cheaply, then customers will stray. And, once they stray, well, they keep straying. This chart contrasts vehicle and service repurchase intent vs. quicklane service usage. Looks like our theory is true. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Bottom line: Dealers need to be in the business of fast, efficient, and cost effective routine maintenance service. Heavy Truck is even moving beyond this and embracing these criteria for common repairs.

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