Friday, October 29, 2010

Questions on Dealers’ Ability to Wholesale M&R Parts

We are just finishing the QC process on the latest North American Dealer Parts Manager Survey. This QC process takes a week or so and encompasses things like deleting survey records for parts managers who did not appropriately complete the survey (and other things like checking math for questions that sum to 100%).

I always ask for a quick peek. This week my quick peek was to look into what dealers had to say about mechanical wholesale. The responses surfaced a lot of questions and caused me to re-think some things. We need, our industry needs, answers to some questions.

This blog is all about pictures, so, if you can’t see the graphics, go to our homepage and click onto the blog.

What do you think?

Note: In the charts below each data point represents a unique OEM, with all OEMs organized into natural groups (“Types”). These groups are disguised to ensure anonymity is maintained.

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