Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let’s All Take a Front Row Seat to History Making – Watching GM’s Vancouver Break the Impossible 100,000 LHY Barrier

David Carlisle

On May 6th, 1954 Roger Bannister broke what was thought to be an impossible barrier - the four-minute mile. He did it in 3:59:4.

The equivalent of the four-minute mile in parts warehousing is the 100,000 LHY barrier (Method 1). The NASPC has been measuring this metric for 19 years and now have over 400 parts warehouses in the NASPC databank (North America and Europe). GM’s Vancouver Warehouse is on a quest to break this barrier that has eluded the industry for nearly 2 decades.

We have been following Vancouver for over a year now with anticipation. In 2009, their year-end performance came very close … close enough to give us confidence that Vancouver could do it in 2010. To put this into context, at the 1993 NASPC, GM’s most productive parts warehouse tracked at less than 25,000 LHY.

If you look at the bar chart, you can see that Vancouver is on pace to grab the record. We have 6 months to go and they are running at world record performance.

Vancouver will shatter a major industry milestone, and will best GM’s ’93 best by over 400%. Kudos to Des McDonell, Kevin Williams, the Vancouver PDC team, and, of course, Charlie Hyndman.

Bottom Line: On July 7th, 1999 Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco ran the mile at 3:43:13. The world will always remember Roger Bannister, and will celebrate the current record holder. Let’s pull for Vancouver to be the first, but not the last to hold this record. Way to go Vancouver!!!

By The Way: Roger’s achievement was celebrated by a pretty cool plaque. Most of the industry’s leading marketing agencies subscribe to this blog. I’d like to challenge them to design and donate a remembrance of this pending achievement. If we get multiple submissions, I will pick the best one and the agency responsible can present the award at the 2011 NASPC. This is a unique opportunity. Contact me to discuss.

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